Humor Consultants: Fusing Laughter and Strategy for Superior Business Performance

December 7, 2023

Photo of Phil and Susan Sorentino, Humor Consultants

Welcome to Humor Consultants, an innovative firm that masterfully combines humor with keen business insight to foster a more dynamic, engaging, and delightful professional environment. Established in 1981, Humor Consultants has consistently led the way in harnessing humor to tackle various workplace issues, thereby boosting corporate efficacy.

Core Philosophy and Strategy

At the heart of Humor Consultants lies a guiding principle coined by its founders: “assisting in the enjoyment of everything.” This concept transcends mere workplace amusement; it involves leveraging humor as a strategic asset to instigate transformation, bolster communication, and elevate overall business results. Our tailored solutions address a broad spectrum of organizational needs, ranging from self-motivation and change management to sales growth, stress reduction, culture shaping, and communication enhancement.

Phil Sorentino’s Profound Impact

Phil Sorentino, exemplifying the ethos of Humor Consultants, brings over three decades of rich experience and more than 3,000 presentations. His dynamic, inspiring talks highlight the significance of finding joy at work, delivering actionable insights to augment sales, profitability, and loyalty among employees, customers, and associates. His diverse and prestigious client roster, including IBM, Nationwide Insurance, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s, demonstrates the wide-reaching impact and efficacy of his methods.

Susan Sorentino’s Integral Role

Susan Sorentino, co-architect of Humor Consultants, contributes over 30 years of prowess in speaking, training, and coaching. Her dedication lies in mentoring individuals to unearth and enhance their capabilities, enriching both their professional journeys and personal lives. Her role in supplying organizations with a cadre of speakers and trainers has been crucial to the firm’s triumph.

Bespoke Speaking Engagements

Humor Consultants curates a variety of speaking events, each meticulously crafted to align with specific organizational requisites. These sessions concentrate on key elements such as effective communication, proactive change strategies, negotiation proficiency, and cultivating customer allegiance. Our presentations and coaching endeavors aim to induce targeted, positive shifts, arming participants with practical methods for realizing “Total Life Enjoyment™.” Prominent among these offerings are “Coming To Work, Ready To Play,” which underscores achieving objectives through pleasurable means, and “Humor: Your Key To Enjoying Your Work, Your Family, and Yourself™,” spotlighting humor’s crucial yet often underappreciated role in the corporate realm.

In Conclusion

Humor Consultants emerges as a luminary in the business sector, showcasing the profound ability of humor not only to lighten spirits but also to propel substantial corporate achievements. Our method of integrating humor into business tactics evidences a profound grasp of the intricacies of workplace productivity and employee involvement. The array of success narratives and endorsements from an eclectic mix of clients attests to the universal allure and efficacy of our approach. For organizations aspiring to inject their culture with vivacity while accomplishing their business aspirations, Humor Consultants offers an inventive and efficacious path forward.

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