Seven Steps to creating results

Take Action

Reasonable people adapt themselves to their environment. Unreasonable people adapt the environment to themselves, therefore, all progress is due to unreasonable people.

Results, Results, Results. Everyone wants results. Today, the pressure to do more with less can be overwhelming. However, if we can make our work fun, we can get more done with less stress.

To accomplish this, use the formula for creating enjoyable specific results. 

These seven solutions can become stepping stones on a path to being more productive.

The Formula

Focus on who you are and what you can become. It is always your choice! Systematically decide what you want to do, what you don’t want to do, and what you can or cannot do. Take time to plan and assess the situation. Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. Change is 75% “why-to’s” and 25% “how-to’s”.

Look at what you are doing that drains your energy and what you do that restores your energy. Without energy, nothing happens. Drink more water.

Now is the time to create the model. How and what will be measured? Here is the “what”: Revenue, Cost, Quality, Quantity, Time. That’s it. Nothing else. The “how” is up to you.

Show the big picture and then commit to your action steps. Communicate constantly. Show genuine interest in others by asking questions and listening, not talking. (i.e.: e-mail, voice mail, CD’s, CD-Rom’s, audiotapes, videotapes, posters, newsletters, and premium items).

Accept quickly. Forgive yourself and others often. Have tools for reinforcement.

To improve on anything, it must first and always be measured. Remember, this is what you measure: Revenue, Cost, Quality, Quantity, Time.

Consistency and persistence are key. Concentrate and celebrate.