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Toledo Blade
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Listening to Phil Sorentino is like listening to Robin Williams, Dr. Robert Schuller, and Warren Buffett all at the same time!


Logan Pierson
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I had the very good fortune of being introduced to Phil Sorentino when I was USA President of UK-based SmartWater CSI. As a start-up enterprise in America the company had the task of developing and instituting all marketing and merchandising programs while educating law enforcement and the general public of our unique crime deterrence system. Phil was brought onboard in a consulting role as a Business Coach to help in the formulation of our core marketing outreach and to directly interact with training our nascent development team. His holistic approach to recognizing and solving intricate business challenges was ideal for a company that was tasked to create an outreach plan from essentially a blank page. He was instrumental in helping to generate the blueprint for SmartWater CSI’s rollout nationally and then took the lead in organizing the development group so that we had an educated and highly motivated team with which to go to market. Phil’s leadership, strong interpersonal skills, and extensive business background brought a dynamic coaching aspect that resulted in the company experiencing a highly successful launch coupled with the establishment of a knowledgeable, committed, and inspired sales force.

Dr. Thomas John, MDInternational best-selling Medical Author, Professional Speaker
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As an eye surgeon, I have had many outstanding teachers. In the speaking business, Susan Sorentino is one of the best. I have known Susan for many years. As a professional coach, Susan worked with me on various aspects of my speaking career. She helped me define my goals and strategies then put together a road map for success. Susan is outstanding to work with, easy to interact, highly professional, and has significant experience in this field. I recommend Susan to anyone interested in building their speaking career.

Shermanda Anderson-Ramsay
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Phil and Susan are jewels to those aspiring to achieve excellence and wealth in their business. They are spot on and I’ve grown and continue to excelling under their tutorlege. I’m blessed and honored to have the Sorentino’s in my life coaching and counseling me.

Jeremy Gilchirist5 Star Ambassador at Vi
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Phil Sorentino has masterminded how to incorporate humor into your
lifestyle and biz. Phil doesn’t have a gift, he is a gift! Phil seems to
know everything about everything. That’s where my life was headed, wanting
to gain as much knowledge as possible. Phil taught me how to think again.
Life is different now.

Carol ReidCorporate Business Professional, Speaker & Trainer
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As my coach, Susan was consistently enthusiastic and encouraging, accurately identifying my needs and providing the solutions…her depth, wealth of experience and her ability to impart the information in a manner to respect and empower me were invaluable.

Antonio T. Smith Jr., Business AdvisorCEO ATS Business University
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Susan, I want to start off by saying THANK YOU! The conversation I just
had with you was possibly the greatest thing that has happened to me all
year. At this very moment, you have become one of the greatest blessings in
my life and career. The coaching and mentoring I received from you, which
gave to me for free, I would have gladly paid $10,000 to receive. Thank you
for pouring into me and for showing me a better way to live out the highest
expression of myself. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with

Success Magazine
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You received one of the highest speaker ratings at our management conference in Orlando. You were great! The conferees judged your session as excellent. Sure glad Phil Sorentino was part of our faculty and hope you will be part of our future efforts.