What Is Coaching?

Help Going From Here To There With A Smile

Tiger Woods has a golf coach

Enough said. Here is one of the best carbon-based life forms at golf on the planet. He has someone to coach him to be better, to see things he can’t, to share a perspective that will take him from “here” to “there”.

That’s all a coach does. To quote Pat Donadio, a veteran coach, “All we do is take individuals from here to there.” The clients or players determine the “here” – here they are now – to the “there” – where they want to be.

We at Humor Consultants not only believe it is possible to have joy at whatever you do, we know that being joyful is how to get whatever you want.

What Is Personal Coaching?

What are the roles of a coach?

What can coaching assist you with?

Are You Coachable?